Fast & Accurate Corporate Drug Testing Options at ANY LAB TEST NOW®

Drug Testing Options

At ANY LAB TEST NOW®, we understand the importance of fast, accurate and convenient drug testing for your business or your personal life. You can rely on us for our cost-effective drug testing solutions to fit your needs.

Business Drug Screen Solutions

At ANY LAB TEST NOW®, we deliver convenience, no wait times like at the big labs, upscale retail locations, competitive pricing, monthly billing & an assigned account manager available by phone and email for all your questions.

Employer Drug Testing Solutions

Take Control of Your Business

Business Drug
Screen Solutions

For Small Businesses
$ 42
  • Pricing Only For The Small Businesses in Georgia
  • 5-Panel or 11-Panel In-House Rapid Screens
  • Negative Results Provided in 30 Minutes of Arrival

Account Setup Options

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Cost-Effective Drug Testing Services

At ANY LAB TEST NOW®, we understand the importance of providing affordable drug testing solutions for companies. We offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality. By partnering with us, you can ensure cost-effectiveness without compromising the accuracy and reliability of the results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Employer Drug Testing Solutions

  • Our 11 panel in-store rapid includes: COC, OPI, THC, AMP, mAMP, PCP, BZO, BAR, MTD, MDMA, OXY.
  • Our 5 panel in-store rapid includes: COC, OPI, THC, AMP, mAMP

One Hour! With negative results on our rapid test, results are emailed to the employer within one hour of service. Any non-negative result will require confirmation at the lab and a final result will be emailed in 2-10 business days. If this “send-out” occurs, we will immediately notify the employer that the employee was in for the test and we are awaiting lab confirmation.

Results are emailed or faxed as per your account set up instructions. Any changes must be authorized in writing.

A valid government issued picture ID.

Any of our Georgia locations provide these services. Our latest drug screen is performed at 5:15 pm.

Invoices are sent per account set up instructions at the beginning of each month for the prior month.

Our family-owned company was established in Georgia in 1992. We provide lab testing, drug screening, DNA testing, Allergy testing and more. We have been providing personal service our corporate drug screen accounts for 30 years.  Your employees will have access to convenient retail locations, easy parking and quick access to their drug screening.

Walk-in Consumer Drug Screening

Take Control of Your Business

Direct to Consumer
Drug Screening

For You
$ 49
  • Easy Parking, Little to No Wait Times
  • 5-Panel or 11-Panel In-House Rapid Screens
  • Negative Results Typically Provided Within 15-30 minutes

We offer dozens of other drug screens, aside from these industry standard tests.
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10 Convenient Testing Locations In Metro Atlanta, Augusta & Columbus

We have a vast network of testing locations across the state, making it easy for companies to find a facility near their employees. Our extensive coverage ensures that you can conveniently get drug tests for your staff, regardless of their location. With ANY LAB TEST NOW®, you can save time and effort by accessing our wide range of testing centers.

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Monday – Friday: 8:30am – 6pm
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Saturday: 9am – 1:30pm
*Columbus Location: Closed Wednesday & Saturday

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